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i ; bartlet
I'm a Ewan McGregor fan!
standing shoulder to shoulder
On the Line with Lance and Joey
get a life
they are only human beings
Go Queer!
Homoeroticism Yay!
I am a fan of Oliver Wood
Animal Magnetism
Wake up Gay!
Strange Brew
Extra Flamey
I'm just a Hermione at heart
I love HP
I'm a Percy/Neville shipper!
Positively Percy!
I love David Duchovny
I think Amber Benson is a hottie
Over the Rainbow with Audrey Hepburn

Rina adopted Hermione Granger!
Rina adopted Hermione
at Astronomy Domine!
Rina adopted Ron Weasley!
Rina adopted Ron
at Astronomy Domine!
Rina adopted Bill Weasley!
Rina adopted Bill
at Astronomy Domine!
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