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I have had a killer

I have had a killer headache all freaking day. If tonight wasn't my fave WW and Jennie wasn't on to watch with me, I'd be asleep right now. <.sigh> Oh, well.

ZZD went fabulously. It was an amazing success, and I loved every minute. I got to shake hands and chat with the owner of the company!! I also met the possibly only male speech path in the history of the world. <.snicker> His name is Mike. It was hilarious - we were doing a volunteers photo, and it was 14 women and David, the DynaVox rep who helped mom do this. Then someone was like, "What about that other guy? The speech guy!" Jen turned to me, excited. "You mean there's a MAN here?" LOL It's just so rare. <.g> Anyway, NBC didn't come, but we'll be in the Chicago Tribune's metro section tomorrow for anyone who has access to Chicago papers!! My sibs activity went awesome, and every single one of them loved it. We tie-dyed t-shirts, and mine is blue and purple. <.g> It looks cute.

I also got my hair cut! It's about chin length, with lots of layers. I like it. <.g> Turned out really cute.

OH! And the HP trailer came out today!!!!! Go see it at The Leaky Caudron or AOL keyword Harry Potter. It's *awesome!!!!!!!!!! Ron and Hermione have a hysterically cute scene, and we actually hear all of the main characters talk - Harry, Ron, Hermione, Percy, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, Hagrid, etc. It's amazing. I have to go see AI now, because I have to see it clearly. There's only one scene I don't like - on the train to Hogwarts, Ron asks, "Do you really have...the Scar?" completely awestruck. Harry grins as he pushes his hair aside to show him, and Ron's mouth drops open and he says, "Wicked!" Uh, no. <.g> Harry's embarrassed about his scar because he already doesn't like the attention, and Ron is much more shy and reserved about how he feels upon meeting The Harry Potter. I don't like how that played out at all. But everything else I like. I mean, I don't think Emma said the "If you're not careful, you'll all be killed...or worse, expelled!" line just as I imagined it, but I like how she said it, and Ron's answer of "She really needs to sort out her priorities" was a perfect response. So, yes, I'm excited. The kids can act, I think Emma and Rupert have some chemistry (not that I'm pairing off 11 y/os, mind you. I mean they act well together. <.g>), and the script and blocking fits with what I imagine. I approve.

I'm sure you can all rest easy knowing that now.

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