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I meant to do this

I meant to do this a few days ago, but then I didn't feel like blogging. <.g> So, after several days, it's time to find out which is false. Believe it or not, it's #8 - I do not like going to the library and checking out books. I have absolutely nothing against the library. But I have this thing about returning things I borrow - I don't. <.g> I like to own things in case I ever want to read or see it again. Which means my friends have learned that if they lend me things, they either shouldn't expect it back, or should be ready to come over and grab it for themselves. LOL

So, yes, that does mean my mother thinks I'm a pregnant lesbian. I am neither, despite my big crush on Gilly. <.g> Every time I skip my period (currently more than two weeks late), she gets this idea I'm pregnant, and the lesbian thing comes from my lack of boyfriend, and the fact that I like Willow/Tara. Oh, and I watched Xena last weekend. <.g> I first started talking to Krissy when she volunteered to send me a Jax/Sonny story she found, and then she continued to send me stories from the Jax NC-17 list that I was too young for. LOL The bossiness and movie business went hand-in-hand; I wrote adventure stories about my swingset and forced Jon, Dave, Erin and Gabija to act them out. You know, having to cross the jungle-swingset from one side to another because the grass was quicksand, and things like that. <.g> Bossiness gave way to shyness and quiet control freakiness when we moved to WS in 1991 and I didn't know anyone, but really, I was quite the Hermione Granger. I think I'd like to be again.

Oh, and the batting story - I played baseball in 3rd and 4th grade, and then softball through 8th. It was the summer between 6th and 7th, I think. Went up to bat, strike one. Strike two. Next one came, I smashed it out of there and ran. When I arrived safe on second, the adrenaline wore off and I realized I was in a great deal of pain. <.g> Called over the 3rd base coach, went to the hospital. They lasered a little hole in my nail (middle finger on my right hand) and blood fountained up. Splitnered the finger and nail, which fell off a few months later. That's how I can tell which finger now - the nail is a different shape! So is the pad of my finger as a result.

So, that's me. Thanks for playing! <.g>

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