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I'm trying to go to

I'm trying to go to bed by 10 tonight. We'll see if I manage! LOL

Bess, one of the GBabes, called me tonight. She's the one who lives in Chicago - oh, my gosh, she sounds so nice!! Seriously. I'm so very very very excited!!

AOL and the Leaky Cauldron had the second HP trailer up today, but it's gone now. <.sigh> Oh, well. It'll be back tomorrow, and then it'll be previewing with AI and Cats and Dogs. Very exciting!

ZZD is tomorrow, so things are crazy crazy. But everything is all set, so yay! ZZD is a day at the zoo for people who use augmentative communication and their familes, and my mom started it/runs it with a rep from the company that makes the devices and a speech path. This is our second year, and already more are popping up around the country! NYC, Portland, Minnesota, and one other place, I think. NBC news is coming out to interview David and Jill (mom maintains that she will be the one with the back to the camera so that the "DynaVox" on the back of the shirts are shown. LOL).

Jennie, are you reading this?? Okay. Last weeks' West Wing was one of my top five favorites. But tomorrow's IS my favorite! The Stackhouse Fillibuster, 8pm, NBC. Please watch with me! I think I'll leave your phone a message just in case. I'll be the redhead with the newly shorn hair, most likely dressed as Hermione Weasley.

Of course, heaven knows what my hair will look like. I'm going for the Alyson Hannigan cut again, but I lost the damn picture!! I've been searching everywhere - I know I put it in that dreaded "safe place." LOL I guess I'll ask for a layered, chin-length cut that kinda frames my face. Thats the best description I can come up with, which sucks because I'm seeing a new person. I waited too long to make the appt, and Val is all booked up. Hopefully Donna won't butcher my hair. <.g>

Well, 9:51. I shall say goodnight to Kate, pop on over to TP and e-call Jennie, ignore all of the mail I have waiting, and go to sleep. I'm so tired, I may even make G-W an off-topic day tomorrow. <.g>

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