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Well, I survived my first

Well, I survived my first day of work. It wasn't bad, I suppose. I did have to go into the loft at the start of the day, and let's just say that my life is a few years shorter now! I had to climb up this rickety pull down wooden ladder. I finally made it up there, only to realize when I put my hand on the ground to steady myself, my pinky was hanging off the edge, that's how close the ladder was to the edge. I almost burst into tears on the spot. I then edged myself over to the files, where Janet (my boss) was. There was only about a foot and a half across of floor space up there. I clutched the heating pipe and prayed I wouldn't fall through either the trap door down or down the edge into the hallway. I was terrified. I'm getting shaky just thinking about it!! So Janet brought me down tons of files. What I do is go through all of them, and purge out almost everything. Then I shred. I purged all morning, and decided to shred in the afternoon. Bad decision! That's going so much slower, I'm not even half done shredding what I purged.

In the afternoon, there was this little girl in the waiting room. Her little brother was being evaluated, and her mom and the brother's therapist just left her there! This poor child. What a cutie pie - her name was Amber. She kept bouncing and asking where her mom was, her brother, etc. Finally, I kinda adopted her. LOL She came behind the desk with me, and I filed while she drew in her diary and made patterns with crayons I found for her. <.g> Oh my God, she was such a darling. She kept cracking me up. So I spent my break time drawing with her and reading her stories. <.giggle>

I'm super tired now. I wanted to mention that the stupid train got me there an hour early this morning and I walked all through La Grange and got Starbucks' raspberry mocha chip frappacino, I do NOT like Cindy the receptionist person I was supposed to work with, and I went to the INAAC meeting tonight with mom and got placed onto the web committee and I have to quick learn how to create forms and radio buttons for the INAAC website! ACK! Tutorial time, I guess. Oh, and it was almost 90 today. After all these WEEKS of 50 degree temps, it's hot out when I have to leave the house. Grrrr.

Bedtime for Rinas.

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