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Kate's so much fun

<.giggle> Kate's so much fun to shop for. I'm gonna get her an nsync barbie doll for her birthday (11-27) and Darrin's Dance Grooves for Christmas. If she's going to force me to learn nsync's dance routines, at least we can get some help. <.g>

This weekend was pretty fun, actually. David turned out to be an nsync fan, so we chatted about them for awhile. All of those hours I was forced to listen to techno, and I could have been listening to Nsync. <.sigh> Oh, well. LOL Saw my grandfather, too. He was at home, at least temporarily. On the couch, lying down, hooked up to IVs and other nasty stuff. But making sarcastic comments and laughing, which I found to be good. Dad was cranky, but not overly so. He ended up driving me back last night, and we went out to dinner with Kate. I think he enjoyed himself. Kate and I can be pretty silly, and he doesn't usually get to see me silly. It makes him laugh. <.g>

Josh's horse show was *fantastic.* Oh, my God, he's so cute. He got third place! Okay, granted, four kids in his class, but third place! He didn't really listen to the judge's instructions, he was too busy hamming it up for the crowd. <.giggle> He'd wave and smile and giggle and I can't wait to get the pictures developed! He found this one family in the stands (NOT ours LOL) and pointed to them and waved and just was generally the most sociable one there. LOL When he got off the horse, he tried to go over there and say hi to them, since they had been so sweet and waving back to him and all. LOL Mom didn't let him, though, so he just stopped her and said THANK YOU FAMILY. <.giggle> He is so awesome!!! I love my baby boy.

Oh, and shoot. Jennie-girl, remind me to tell you why it's cool I drove by Brother Rice HS, okay? 'Cause it is. <.g>

Oh, and I passed my physiology test! It wasn't even a D-. Close, but hey, I passed. LOL

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