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Gen went away. : (

Gen went away. : ( We had so much fun! She's such an awesome person. Which I knew, since we talk so much, but it was cool to have her be an awesome person in person. <.giggle>

So, yes, we saw On the Line last night. There were, I kid you not, 9 people in the audience. <.g> I really have to start my paper, so I'm not going to go into too much detail. But before I launch into my "review," I must state this upfront. I really, really enjoyed the movie. It made me smile, and I will see it again. That said...

This was the WORST movie!!! LOL Oh, my God, it was terrible! The script needed at least one more draft, and really only Jerry Stiller could act. Well, actually, Joey was really quite good, and he sang a LOT. He was pretty much the best part of the movie. Lance tried valiently, but desperately needs an acting coach. I mean, I didn't CRINGE or anything, but he needed help. What was so awful, though, was the dubbing. There were swear words in there, and after it was shot, it was apparently decided to make the movie PG. (Hence the disappearance of Joey's sex scene that I really, really want to see.) So Eric talked about "messing Kevin over," when he quite clearly had previously said "screwed," shit got turned into crud, Nikki was a hardcase instead of a hardass, his boss talked about something being bass-ackwards instead of back-asswards, and there were a few other spectacular changes. They were so noticible, it was HORRIBLE! Oh, I felt bad, almost. LOL

So, what else? The plot had holes the size of Jersey, no one could act, and GQ's character was so horridly obnoxious. There were no motives, people appeared and disappeared without another thought of them, and the ending was horridly contrived. Not Kevin and Abbey, since that was so obvious, but Rod (Joey) and their other friend who's name I forget. (Not GQ's Eric, the preppy one.) It was like, UGH! I hate talking during movies - I get SO mad when people interrupt. So I warned Gen not to talk, or else I'd smack her. But there were so many times when I wanted to lean over and start making snarky comments. <.g> So I think I need to see it again just to comment, and maybe one more time to just see it. LOL 'Cause, see, the BEST part of the movie, it was SO wonderful, was not even in the movie. <.g> It was during the credits, with Chris and Justin's cameos. We were nearly on the FLOOR we were laughing so hard!! I heard that Chris, and maybe Justin, would recreate those roles on Friends in February, and I would so love that. I will buy the DVD of this movie just to see that one scene in the credits over and over again! LOL Seriously hysterical.

So, yes, people. Go see the movie. Enjoy the movie. Do not expect a good movie, and you'll be fine. Expect to smile and laugh a bit at the poor actors, and it'll all be good. <.g> Then e-mail me so we can talk about it and the cameos! LOL

Now I must do some work. AUGH! LOL Mom just called - they usually do at 3 on Sundays. But dad had apprently just walked in, and was watching the Bears game, and she was very cranky and he didn't seem much better. <.sigh> She's right, she shouldn't have tried calling me. Oh, well, I guess. She said they'll try and call later. Maybe things will be happier then. Either way, I have to not care and do some work.

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