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I had such a good

I had such a good day yesterday! I was a little worried I wouldn't, because last year yesterday was the day I went on anti-depressants and my granndfather was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, neither of which lent themselves to a stellar day. I was sad for my grandfather, but he's really kinda holding his own these days. Feeding tube, 4000 calories a day, and he's actually up to 118 pounds! Granted, a year ago, he was 270, but this summer he was well past 110. You gotta take what you can. : )

But I decided to try and make yesterday fun for me, and it was! I spent my morning in the kindergarten, which was AWESOME. Oh, I love doing that. Poor mom, every time I come back, she's worried I'm going to change my major. Wish I had the courage to do that, honestly, but I don't. So she has nothing to worry about, really. But Ruth was totally bragging on me to */everyone, it was so funny. she's seen me working with kids for about 4 years now, so she can see how I've grown. And she was so excited that after I finished reading them a book (Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving...everyone with kids MUST read this. It's hysterical!! I almost burst into laughter with the names of the turkeys.), I just asked how much longer we had until the feast and started a new activity on the rug. She was like, "You're a teacher! You've grown into a teacher!" LOL

Then we went to Josh's audiology appt, which was fun! He did an amazing job with all the tests. And yes, I was totally able to understand and translate the results. Wheee!!

Mom and dad went out to dinner, but I caught most of BUffy. It was, to say the least, very disturbing. Very very disturbing. I'll post at Bite Me later. (I'm sneaking this in while they're at the doctor with Josh...this could end at any moment. LOL) I also learned that Josh's TV can kinda get SHowtime...perfect audio, with limited clarity of screen. But I could definitely see what was happening. SO I watched Queer as FOlk. LOL MEl and Linds had just broken up, and Justin was starting the gay/straight student alliance club. Very cool! I wanna SEE that show, damn it!!

Well, better get ready for my day. G-W is so exciting...they keep posting so much! We're up to nearly 300 posts already. I love it. <.g>

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