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I'm probably going to send

I'm probably going to send up starting every post from home like this, but...I LOVE my brother!! LOL He cracks me up. Mom and I decided that today, we were going to teach him about music CDs. We've been hesitating because of the confusion we thought he would have since they look just like CD-ROMs, obviously. He did SO well, though!! We started out with Bye Bye Bye, but the minute he realized he could change CDs, he did. LOL Wai-Lana, Madeline, and Elmopalooza were his other ones. So, a few hours later, I was trying to get him to put on Bye Bye Bye again. He shook his head no, and pointed for me to leave. Fine. I did. LOL About 20 minutes later, I leaned over the railing to check on him, and saw that he was putting in nysnc!! He listened to the whole song, dancing away, grinning, and then started rewinding. Mom and I were confused...until he picked up his watch!! He then brought the CD to the chorus, and started the watch so they were singing the same parts at the same time! It was SO awesome!! We're really proud of how well he's been handling it today. : )

Hmmm, what else happened today? I know there were more cute Josh moments, but I'm blanking. <.g> Didn't really do much else...tomorrow I'm going to spend my morning in the kindergarten. Such fun! I'm looking forward to it. Granger-weasley hit 206 members, who have posted 268 times so far this month (a group record!!), whcih makes me very happy...I've never had a list this successful before! Tomorrow's Danielle's 17th birthday, so I have to send her something. I didn't last year.

I think I should probably head to bed soon...early morning with my kidlets for a Thanksgiving feast of crackers and raisins! Wheee!

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