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Hee hee, mom gave me

Hee hee, mom gave me more songs to download! I love her taste in music. Now I have Long Tall Cool Woman in a Black Dress by the Hollies (which I already knew, but didn't know a name for), Saturday in the Park by Chicago (I need to cave in and buy a Chicago CD. I adore them), I Just Want to Celebrate by Rare Earth, Tiny Dancer by Elton John, and two that I found on my own...Billy Joel's For the Longest Time and a JC song from MMC. Yes, another. <.g> Oh, the Rare Earth song is playing now...I know this one, too! I am so bad with song names. LOL So I knew all of the songs. Excellent.

No one else is here, and I'm rather taking advantage of that fact. LOL Music blaring, etc etc. Hey, I had to put up with the guy next door warbleing some tune, he can put up with my classic rock. <.g> I keep reading the directions for these "easy to install" shelves that don't do anything to the wall. For something that's so easy and non-damaging, it sure seems scary. <.g> "Don't touch here, here, or here. Practice clicking the switch before you attempt on a wall. Practice in a discreet area before putting it up where people will see it." Eeek. LOL I figure I need the extra room for my newest additions. We exchanged Christmas gifts last night...Kate made me an nysnc mix CD of my favorite songs and those heavy on the Lance and Joey, plus an nsync Barbie doll. LOL Not the one with Lance's card, but that's fine...I got Joey! Plus, I liked this doll's clothes better, anyway. LOL So that's cool. Then I opened Aarti's gifts...I got the cutest little flexible doggie picture frame that nearly made me burst into tears. Of course, we all know what condition I was in last night, so who's surprised? LOL But I'll have to try and find a little Liesl pic to stick in there over break. But then I opened the other gift from her, and almost burst into tears for a different reason. LOL She freaking got me the Lance bobblehead from Best Buy! It's an ugly, evil looking motherfucker, let me tell you. LOL But yeah, now I need shelf room for the evil Lance and Barbie. <.g>

Whoa, insaneness! I turned on FX at 5 for Buffy, and it wasn't FX, it was Fox Sports. Or maybe Fox sports stuff broadcasting on FX, I don't know. But I turned on Xena instead, flipped to FX just to check one last time, and it was Mutant Enemy. So apparently Buffy came on at SOME point in the hour, and the next is on now. Riley's gone...I don't think I mind missing that episode. <.g> Anya and Xander are so cool...they're my favorite couple. Anya telling Xander that if he leaves, she wants a warning, like a ticking bomb that's going to go off, only they pull the right wire with three seconds left and he doesn't leave her. <.g> So cute. Oh, I think this is Triangle, maybe! Or the one before it. Where Buffy sobs on Tara's shoulder about Xander and Anya's beautiful love. No, not beautiful...something more melodramatic than that. <.g> And oh, here's Buffy asking the nun how the abjuring of men works out for her. <.g> "Do you have to be super religious? How's the food?" So fun.

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