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I'm so sleepy!!! Geez. Kate

I'm so sleepy!!! Geez. Kate and I went to sign our lease...we put down the security deposit and signed an application. So we didn't actually sign the lease, but it's pretty much a guarantee. We checked out the apartment today...#206. Really nice place! Plus, apparently, we can have pets, since they had a cat. LOL (A fact we're hiding from my mother, who would freak out. I'm pretty damn allergic, so we'll just clean it *really well when we move in!) So that's kinda exciting. But I took those 2 hours off to go do that and run errands with Kate, and now I'm sleepy and lethargic and totally want to be asleep. <.g> But I shall perservere, because now it's a matter of pride. LOL

So, back to the grindstone.

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