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sleepy, yet...

I don't want to go to sleep. Except I do, but I don't want to have to wake up and go to work. :/

At least we're going in late tomorrow. Dorms open at 9, and some people here need to move out. <.g> So, yeah. Not so much with the leaving for work at 8:45 as usual, but at 9:15. Extra 30 minutes of sleep, yeah!!

Working tomorrow morning, Monday morning, Thursday and Friday night 6-10, in addition to pretty much whenever I'm not in classes. Can I, like, cry now? Since I signed up for the wrong class back in November, I'm still trying to find one to replace it. Which means, I warned Jamie, I'm visiting a few classes to decide which I like best. LOL Dude, at this point, though, anything but Pan-Chinese cinema is a winner.

Gah, must buy books tomorrow. I've been meaning to for days, and I keep forgetting! At least at this point, there's only three classes to buy for. Archeology, Mythology and Severe Weather. Hopefully it won't be too much. ::frets:: At least dance and the clinic won't have anything to buy.

All right. Must needs to bed now. Oh, saw About a Boy tonight - it was pretty good. Different from the novel. I think I liked this ending better, although it may have been pretty much the same as the book's, only toned down. I never had been sure I liked the book's ending, in regards to Marcus. Seemed like a pretty crappy theory about life to have. But this was good.

And now I sleep.

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