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Hmm. In an odd twist, school stuff is now categorized as work. LOL Very weird, after 17 years of school being school. <.g>

Well, not all of it is work. Today's adventure was going to St. X University and registering for a grad level class. It went well! I only got lost twice, once going and once coming. Listened to my favorite car CD (well, it was more interactive than just listening, but whatever LOL) and managed to get myself there and back in one piece. (Oddly, even though the school's name had a "Saint" in it, I was still surprised to see nuns walking around. It's been a long time, yo.)

So, everything starts Thursday. I have orientation from 8:15-3:30, then my kidlet is coming for a tour at 3:30, I leave for SXU at 4, get there around 5 hopefully, class starts at 6:30, goes until 8:30, then I drive back home. This is my Thursdays all semester long. Eeep. But I have that hour or so before class to hang out on campus, do some studying, and probably some writing, too. And, well, I'll have lots of time to listen to my CDs. <.g>

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