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my girls

Work has been delightful so far. I suppose we're still in our honeymoon period, but Noneck and I have been together since December, so I think we're out of that period. LOL But really, she just blossomed over the summer. She's so much taller and more attentive and outgoing. It's so cool to see. I'm really proud of her.

C is equally delightful. We hung out last night while her parents were out - did the dinner scene, some homework, and watched Gilmore Girls. LOL She's in love with Luke/Lorelai, which I, naturally, encouraged. <.g> She's so funny. She was dancing around, planning their wedding after I told her that Lorelai had proposed to Luke. That's all she needed to hear - didn't matter if Luke said no, she was sure that eventually he'd be putting on that bow tie and Lorelai would have a veil and they'd get married. She's so entertaining. LOL She also walked Trixie for me and played with her. Too cute.

Now I just need an afternoon job. I have the library interview tomorrow...eek! I'm nervous. Must prepare tonight. Or this afternoon. Amazon says Nightlife will be delivered tomorrow, but it's in my state currently, in Addison, so you never know!

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