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Nightlife, baby

Gah, I am so addicted to Nightlife. It's insane.

Most of my fun stuff is Luke and Lorelai...they're not engaged, but they've been on a few dates. My favorite bits: woohooing in Luke's truck outside the diner, and Luke suddenly having a desire to buy Lorelai coffee. He also wants to have a baby with her, and be married to her. I've never seen that before...want to get engaged, yes. But never skipping that and wanting to be married. It's so Luke!

Tonight I played the college set - Harry, Ron, Hermione and Rory. Ron and Hermione have dated, woohooed and want to get engaged, Harry and Rory the same. What's annyoing is that Harry is attracted to not only Rory, but Lorelai and Hermione. And frankly, Ron fancies Hermione and Rory. There are lots of little hearts floating around the dorm. LOL Harry and Ron play chess all the time, and Rory listens to her MP3s. It's all rather cute. Now they're seniors, so I'll let them get engaged. They'll be plenty happy. *g*

C was sick today, so I didn't get to work with her. : ( It was funny, M called at 9 to cancel, because C had woken up okay, but then went back to lie down. While M was on the phone, she came back down asking when I was coming, insisting she see me, so M said we'd try it. An hour later, she re-canceled. Bah. Then Scott's mom called to ask about babysitting, but it was during Josh's soccer time. Gah! This is what I get for earmarking the money I had anticipated making with these kids for perfume oils. I lose the money. LOL Oh, well. Hopefully C will be better tomorrow. I like seeing her.

I ordered my winter bed flannels last week: LL Bean Mix and Match. I got red plaid sheets, pink pillowcases and the red comforter. The comforter came today....it's SO RED. I love red, it's so bright and cheery, but dude. This is a very vibrant red. My room is rather pastely. Antique white walls, soft blue and pink flowered border, pink rug, etc. This is going to do wild and crazy things to my room. I think that'll be good. Worst case scenario, I spend another $30 on a lighter shade duvet cover. But I think it's going to be very cozy and fun.

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