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I'm so sleepy! Man, I'm

I'm so sleepy! Man, I'm exhausted. Which is good, I guess, since I have to go to bed early to get up for summer camp tomorrow. I'm so totally terrified. I'm in charge of the closing bit, for 30 minutes, at the end of every day. I have my schedule all figured out:

1. Dance to Tropical Fish song from Rock 'n Learn. (The guys who did Multiplication Rock.)

2. Sing to a summer version of "If You're Happy and You Know It" that I made up - ...swim in the water, ...put on your sunscreen, ...shout/sign "summer!"

3. Learn to sign theme related words. (Summer - bend your R pointer finger into an "x" and wipe it across your forehead; Fun - Both hands, point your index and middle fingers. Hold out L hand, put the R hand at your forehead and bring it down to hit the left hand. No, they do not make sense to me either. There's no X in Summer and no H in fun. LOL)

4. Read a story - Magic School Bus visits the ocean floor.

5. Go around the group and ask what they remember about the day.

6. Sing a goodbye song (that I'm shamelessly stealing from a preschool seen on Teletubbies.)

See, since closing follows playtime, I start them out with gross motor activities (dancing), then move down to sitting while still doing gross and fine motor, then fine motor/communication, then calmly listening, open communication, and a final, always done song. Does that sound okay? Or totally stupid? <.sigh> That's what we're doing the entire week, since routine is SO important. Then next week we'll do a different song, different signs, different refrains, and a new story, but with the exact same format. I'm so nervous. I don't want to be in charge! I wanna stay in my nice little office (it's yellow and purple! I love it) and do filing. I like doing my own thing. Why on earth did I decide I liked working with children? I mean, I totally do and I love it, but damn, I get so worked up and nervous beforehand!!! GAH!

I ended up coming home early from work on Friday. I told Janet that I had a dr. appointment, but I really just wanted to be home to play wth mom and Josh. I didn't really, though. Janet dropped me off at home at noon, and I worked on the T-shirt designs until almost 3. I was so bummed, because I totally missed GH! What's the point of being home with mom if I can't watch our soap together? But I finished the design - it wasn't want either of us had in mind, but the color she wanted just plain wouldn't work on white. On black, most likely. But not white.

Mom and I watched Primary Colors last night, with John Travolta and Emma Thompson. It was awesome!! Billy Bob Thornton was also in it; now I understand why Angelina married him. LOL He is very yummy, IMO. I'd love to read the book now, though. Mom had tried to make me read it when it came out, but I was 12! I had no interest whatsoever. Now I do. I even bought All Too Human by George Stephanopoulos yesterday. It's wonderful! I love his style, and I'm learning some, too. Like he went over this statement that he had written and explained why he used certain words, and it was very cool. I'd love to be able to write with a purpose like that. Dad was all sarcastic, asking if I bought it because I thought he was cute (he's on the cover). I mean, yeah, he is, and I am shallow, but not always. I bought the book because it looked interesting to me. I had heard people talking about it on a WW list, and so I decided to keep my eye out for it. I walked to the bookstore yesterday to buy dad's father's day present, and decided to look for it. I also bought Alison Weir's bio of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Yes, I have unusal reading habits. LOL But I adore Eleanor - I first learned about her reading EL Konigsburg's A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver, which my cousin Rachel lent me. Rachel is actually descended from Eleanor through her mom's side. How awesome is that??

I've probably blathered on enough now. Mom just came in to tell me that Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation is on shortly, and that's one of my absolute favorite movies. I adore Jimmy Stewart, and it's just hysterical. If you're reading this between 7 and 9 CST, turn on AMC and watch it! I promise you'll laugh. : )

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