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What a day. ::shakes head::

What a day. ::shakes head:: I felt much better after writing my crabby post last night, but I'm still sad I don't have the CD. Oh, well. I have other things to be sad about.

For once, camp went well today. It wasn't a total success - B used the device I programmed for him with great sucess, but it was a little rough going to make the other kids not talk with it. LOL We learned TONS of signs - A brought in a sign book and taught us about 30 signs. LOL I'm so glad he's enthusiastic about learning! Scott, the owner's 14 year old son, came in to help again today. We only have one girl in the camp, and she has such a crush on him! It's adorable. She had had a big one on D, but he's nearly forgotten in her desire for Scott. <.snicker> He's a total sweetheart, really shy, and seems rather attached to me. LOL Probably because I'm the only one really talking to him - I had to have him record B's device, because B would much prefer a young man's voice to mine, I am very sure. But, like, he came in late this morning, and I was sitting between B and A. Scott squished in between me and A, where, believe me, there was no room. Then I moved to head off another kid from B's device, Scott followed, and P followed him. <.snicker> Like a little train.

Talking with letters is driving me nuts! The names, I mean. But confidentiality and all that such. I know who I mean, at least.

Jennie is moving!!! I'm so happy for you, sweetie. I want pictures of your new place! And the Hollywood Diet sounds interesting. What's the low-carb one? Maybe we can do this together. : )

Now for why I'm sad, much farther than beyond a silly little CD. My great-aunt Karen used to be married to this great guy named John. She and Uncle John divorced probably about 20-25 years ago, and she's lived with Sue for almost that long. Uncle John stayed very much a part of our family, and when he remarried, his new wife became my Aunt Chrisann. She teaches at UIUC, where I go to school, and she is a wonderful lady. Uncle John is both mine and my mom's godfather, and while I don't see him and Aunt Chrisann very often, my mom was very close to him, and we both loved him very much.

Mom called me at work today, after her mom called her. Uncle John had a heart attack yesterday. He went in for a quadruple bypass surgery, and it was not sucessful. His heart stopped on the table, and they got him breathing again, but he's in a coma now. He has a 50% chance of surviving through the night. It's just not right. He's so young - he turned 60 last week, and Denise had flown up so that the entire family (the five kids, he and Aunt Chrisann) could spend a day at Great America. I'm very sad, but now I am very mad that I can't WRITE about how sad I am because my brother is, as I type, signing onto AOL and kicking me off.

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