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8/19, 1:50 pm See this?

8/19, 1:50 pm
See this? What I'm doing? Way expensive. Why? No internet until Aug. 28. I'm dialing up through AOL right now, on my phone line. BLAH! Bad bad bad. Anyway, I'm all moved in, and mostly unpacked. I'm taking a break before beginning to decorate my walls.

Yesterday was an adventure, moving in - two tornados in the area. So we're at Sears, they tell us to go to the Shoe dept, the safest place in the store. They close the store, shut registers, we're locked in. For 35 minutes. We leave and go to Bergner's, where they tell us to go to the junior dept because that's the safest place in THEIR store, and there has been another one spotter. ARGH. Only 20 minutes there, though. Well, at least we know that stores have good safety precautions. LOL

8/20, 1:04pm
I hate this no internet thing. GRRRRR! 8 more days. <.sigh>

So, my friends Tara and Anna from HS are coming over tonight. This is their first year here, since they both transfered from community colleges, so it's exciting. I'm a little nervous though. Both of them are very strict, conservative Christians and I'm...not. And my room reflects that, with it's Harry Potter theme and Buffy sub-theme, you know? Let's face it, I have pictures of Mulder and Scully in bed on my door, and lesbian witches on my wall. And of course magick potions being brewed right over my bed (Harry, Hermione, Ron and Snape). Well, if they can't deal with it, it's their loss. I suppose it could be worse - I could have actually brought my Wicca books with me. I didn't think I'd have room, but I was wrong, so I'll probably be bringing them and other books from home later.

So my room is all decorated now. Possibly even over-decorated. I might end up taking stuff down soon. LOL It's just one wall, really. Maybe even half a wall that's too much. We'll see, I guess. I still have lights to put up - I think XMas ones around my patio door, pink ropes around my door, and the hearts around the HP poster. Or maybe I'll wait on those and put them up around the Hogwarts poster when I get it framed. That could work...

OH! Kate and I saw American Pie 2 last night!! I adored it. Sure, it wasn't high on plot, but Aly Hannigan had a much bigger role, and she was awesome. I was half right on the ending - got Jim's, didn't get Finch's. <.g> Oz didn't have much of a story, though. I gathered that he *did, but all the girls except Michelle ended up getting most of their scenes cut, so there went his storyline, too. It was really cute, though, lots of fun, and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD.

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