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I SO don't feel like

I SO don't feel like doing any work today. LOL I have a lot to get done, though. If I can finish my EPS summary (which I did) and my stats problems, I can be done for today. I woke up at 10:30, watched a lovely episode of Avonlea (I am so excited to watch that again! It's been years since I've been able to), then an episode of Christy (Hallmark channel once again. LOL I'm a sap...), before starting on EPS at 1. 2.5 hours later, I finished the damn summary, because I also played (AND WON!!!) a game of computer solitaire during it. And spied on the hot boys acorss the way who, hysterically enough, drive an old blue minivan. <.giggle>

I also just joined 4 new WW lists- ClaudiaJean, CJ_Sam_fanfic (I've been searching for that list since day 1! Wheee!), WWfemslash (I just see something between CJ and Abbey, okay? LOL), and Jed-AbbeyBartlet (so I like her with her husband, too. LOL). I also unsubbed from a number of lists I've been ignorning. My big steps of the day - I unsubbed from HP4GrownUps and WillTara!! Yay me! I've been ignoring those lists for months, esp WT. I set that to nomail over a year ago. <.giggle> So I'm down to 36 lists total, not much of which give me mail. Oh, did I mention I joined a Moulin Rouge fic list called Red Windmill? LOL Super fun! I found a story that crosses over with Titanic - what if Christian's last name was Calvert, and that's who Rose married? He's a writer, she's an actress, they both lost their true love in a tragic way, and he'd only be in his mid-30s or so when she was 18. That was more than acceptable then! I love finding stories like that, which make perfect logisical sense. LOL It's called Just To Love by Sarah French on that site above.

Maybe I can play Sims for an hour or so before Stats. Megan, Kate and I are going to the movies tonight, though. We're gonna see Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Really, if it wasn't for Eliza Dushku in it, I'd probably not want to see it, but I did love Chasing Amy, which Kevin Smith did. So maybe it'll be fun. : )

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