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If I'm reading this correctly,

If I'm reading this correctly, I'm screwed.

Vet Med is served by two early morning 22 Illini trips and then is served by the 25 Loop every twenty minutes until 5:05 P.M. Beginning at 5:07 P.M., and thereafter at :37 & :07 after each hour at Illinois Street-ISR side (Engineering to FAR-PAR) these trips serve Vet-Med at :34 & :04 and depart at :36 & :06 with the first bus arriving at 5:34 P.M.

I need to leave the Psych building at 5:50 and get to the Vet Med building at 6. I don't think I can get to ISR from the Psych building at 6!! AHHHHH!!!!! But I seriously can't have a 8-10 class. I just plain won't go. But how can I be 45 minutes late to class every week? Unless I can try and hit the regular 22 to PAR and run the few blocks. Might get there only 15 minutes late.

Someone wanna see if I'm just plain reading it wrong, and there's another way for me to get there? Thank God this class is only once a week. That's going to be more than enough, for more than enough reasons.

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