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I'm very sad. Last night

I'm very sad. Last night I was hanging out with Jennie and Biz when the internet died. Obviously, it's back now, but that's not why I'm sad. Well, it added to my sadness, because I didn't have anyone to be sad with, and I needed my friends.

Shortly after the internet broke, my mom called. After a great deal of pussy-footing around it, giving me details that were making me nervous and upset more than anything, she told me Liesl had been put to sleep. She had told me earlier yesterday in an e-mail that Lee had had an episode on Monday and wasn't doing great, but that was it. Lee has had them before, and bounced back. But this time mom called the vet, who said it didn't sound good, and to bring her in last night. This she neglected to tell me until after the appt. She said Liesl didn't know where she was anymore, and the vet was very kind, but she had to go. And now my baby is gone. I didn't even get to say good bye. I was coming home less that 24 hours later, and I didn't even know she so bad. I miss her so much already.

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