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Okay. As many of you

Okay. As many of you know, I know sign language. Josh uses it moderately to communicate, I taught at least 3 signs per day for the last 3 months, I know my alphabet perfectly. My mom always tells me to put it on my applications when I try and get a job. I am by no means fluent, and I never say that I am. But tonight at the group interview for Assembly Hall, I mentioned that I knew some sign language. Kate said she knew right then that I would be hired, because that's a very necessary skill. So now I feel guilty! Would I have gotten the job if I hadn't said that? I didn't lie - I do know sign. And if someone wants to know if they can eat ice cream cones by the campfire with a walrus, I am so your gal. But I wasn't completely truthful. Is this bad?

I suppose I shall be boning up on signs this weekend. <.g>

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