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Classes didn't much happen today.

Classes didn't much happen today. We reviewed in Stats for the test tomorrow, but Audiology was only talking about our feelings about the the attacks. Physiology was canceled.

Things were pretty subdued on campus. On the quad, the chalk writings generally say things like, "Happy Birthday!" "Got Beer?," things like that. Today, it was all "God Bless America," and ways to help the Red Cross. Religion guys were all out in full force, handing out Bibles. I actually took one. People were standing on every corner, collecting money for the Red Cross. Blood Drives have been set up for October, which is when the country will really be needing it. The National Blood Supply is at an all time high right now, but once you donate, you can't again for 54 days. Few people were doing the red/white/blue thing, instead opting for lots and lots of black.

I borrowed my mom's headphones last weekend, which get radio and TV, so I listened to Bush's remarks. So now he and Powell are both calling it acts of war. When he said that he was going to go to Congress and ask for....<.long pause.>, I was convinced he was going to ask for a declaration of war. No, it was money for relief funds, but that pause terrified me.

I hesitated to do this yesterday, but I have exhausted every venue open to me. If anyone has heard anything about Daiva Jurys, who worked in the WTC, please please please let me know. I know the only nine survivors found today were police and firefighters, but she may have escaped the building early, or not been at work, but I can't find her name anywhere. Thanks.

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