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I still love "Gone," but

I still love "Gone," but I totally believe that Justin wrote it. For himself. <.g> And then he got his girlfriend's director to come and make the video - for him. LOL It's seriously 97% Justin, and the rest just get tiny flashes. And Lance's face kept getting obstructed by the "World Premiere" logo in the corner. Drove me insane. LOL

Oh, and TRL had Justin on the phone for an interview. I had read earlier that his and Britney's vacation place where they're staying right now had been broken into. Justin said nothing was taken. AOL, E!Online, and Brit's publicist say that $5000 worth of video equipment, including a video of Justin and britney "intimate," and alcohol was taken. Gee, wonder WHY he prefered to say nothing was taken? LOL I mean, first, ew. Did they not learn anything from Rob Lowe or Tommy and Pamela Lee? Also, I could have so lived without knowing they video themselves. Bad image. Two, Britney's publicist said that the alcohol could have belonged to anyone in their families staying there. Uh-huh. Right. <.g> Cracks me up...

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