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I'm very sad right now.

I'm very sad right now. My mom's best friend, and my dear friend, Carol found out today that she has breast cancer. I'm devastated. She's my Buffy buddy. Her son, Brett, was in my camp this past summer, and Carol also works at TI. She has three kids - Jess is going into her senior year of HS this year, Matt's a sophomore, and Bretty is in 5th grade, I think. Her husband is a lazy bum who's barely holding onto his job, and she has so much on her plate already. I know she's strong, but she's used to being the helper, and not helpee. That might be some of the hardest part.

So she has a lumpectomy scheduled for next Friday, followed by chemo and radiation. Mom has already started cooking and freezing food for her, all of her friends are doing something to help. I've asked the GBabes (Carol was with us for a few years) to help me in sending her one or two funny cards a week to cheer her up. I know that would mean the world to her.

God, guys, she's so thin. I can't imagine what chemo and radiation will do to her. But she's a survivor. If anyone can beat this, it's Carol. But she still needs all of our prayers.

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