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Never fails to crack me

Never fails to crack me up - every time "Everything I Own" comes on my MP3 player, Kate is in here singing and talking along with Lance. She must have a special nsync hearing threshold. I have it on super quiet right now, since the other girls are sleeping, and she STILL heard! LOL She even commented that I had it on so quiet, and she was straining to hear so she came in during the right part. <.giggle>

Well, I just hit chapter 20 in the story from hell, and that's it for tonight. <.g> I already read the last two chapters and epilogue (shhhh! Don't tell Kate!), so I feel comfortable leaving the rest for tomorrow. Hee hee. She'd kill me if she knew I had already read the end, before she did, and she's been reading for a week. LOL

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