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Oh My God. LOLOLOLOL This is so horrible, kate and I laughed hysterically for so long. We've both been so hyper and bouncy and LOUD all night long, and I started to read a nsync story on matthew time's page. And Kate had read aloud a little bitty one to me earlier, and I was almost done with this one, so she came in and I was reading to her. But i still had my MP3s playing, right? And it was total porn that I was reading aloud, which, okay, NEVER did before, but it was fun. But then ELMO came on my MP3 player singing with the Goo Goo Dolls!!! And i was reading porn! I started screeching and had to turn off the music fast, and then Kate was laughing so hard she fell off my bed.

This post sounds like a 13 year old wrote it, and it looks like it too, but I am SO BOUNCY and i DON"T KNOW WHY and I have to finish my porn and go to bed so I can fail my test tomorrow!!

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