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Physiology quiz did NOT go

Physiology quiz did NOT go well. I tried my best, though. The Stats test went much better - I bet I got a high B or A.

The memorial service wasn't really a memorial service. There were at least 3,000 people there, probably more. The chancelor that no one likes right now opened and closed it, and I don't think anyone was impressed with her. The rest of it was mostly music - some Bach, an Adagio, the Glee Club sang songs like "You take the high road, and I'll take the low road, and I'll get to Scotland before you," of which I fail to see the relevance. A Maya Angelou poem was read, as was another one. The best part was when the head of EPS dept gave his personal reflections. He grew up in the South, and talked about all he saw there, from the Birmingham Church bombing to the deaths of all the greats in the 60s - JFK, MLK, RFK, and more. He talked about tolerance and love being the best way to "fight" back, and it was so moving. He was the only speaker/performer to get applause, and it went on forever. He made it worth it.

I can hear Kate and Aarti talking across the hall in Kate's room, and I think it's about me. Okay, so I read slash stories about N'sync. I'm not twisted. I don't read *many stories. I've only read a few, way less than Kate. But because she reads het fic, it's okay? Hell, she's *writing Nsync stories! I don't think she gets to talk about what's disturbing and what's not. If you're going to invade the privacy of a real person by reading/writing about them, how is it worse to put him with his best friend than an "original" character that's really yourself? I was talking sarcastically last night about how everyone put JC and Justin together, when JC *obviously belongs fully with Lance, but I don't think they realized I wasn't being serious. I couldn't give a damn who Nsync sleeps with or dates. I can't even tell all of them apart!

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