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Argh? I heard back from

Argh? <.whimper> I heard back from the White Star Lounge guy. He was very nice, said he would be more than happy to add our names to the entry list, and hoped we had a lot of fun. Then he said we had to make sure to bring a "proper ID" showing us to be at least 21.

Aarti can go. Kate, however, is 6 weeks from her birthday. I'm 7 months away. (Exactly, now that I think of it. Oct11-May11. LOL)

Okay, new developments. <.g> Shortly after getting that e-mail and starting to write this (about an hour ago), I got a call from mom. Uncle Marty called her - seems his CTA contact says that the party is tomorrow night and that she might be able to get us in. Us meaning me and Kate, unfortunately, as mom didn't know Aarti was also planning to go. : ( So either, a, the CTA lady has her facts wrong, or b, we might get to go to a very private, unpublicized party. So, basically, everything is still up in the air. <.g>

Back to studying.

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