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Geez, I'm bored! LOL I

Geez, I'm bored! LOL I was going to watch Fantasia 2000, but DVD player on the computer is acting wonky, and kate and Meghan are downstairs watching Rebel Without a Cause. Which I could certainly join them for, but right now I'm in the mood for a new movie. I've seen Rebel many many times. LOL

So, my Jennie-girl and I are chatting instead, which is super fun of course, but I'm used to multi-tasking. I can't just chat with one person! I need more people online, or something to do. Oooh, I need to find someone to play Literati with me, over at yahoo games....that would be cool!

I downloaded a bunch of new music today - some were completely new to me, like the Jonatha Brooke and Dar Williams songs, both of which Lady K recced to me. Actually, she just sent me an e-mail full of more song recs that I'm going to have to investigate tonight and tomorrow. <.giggle> But then others were comfort songs like Chicago's You're my Inspiration and the Archie's Sugar Sugar. But my favorite one by far that I downloaded is Soul Asylum's One Way Train. I LOVE that song!!! Very exciting.

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