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I saw Buffy, I saw

I saw Buffy, I saw Buffy! I cried. I miss Giles already. I love Spike babysitting Dawn, I love that he's trusted to. I laughed so hard with Giles and Anya beating each other up. I loved Tara in the teaser - so funny and confident and fitting in. And Willow's so powerful! I love that Willow and Tara have moved in. Dawn has two mommies. <.g> That kinda freaked Aarti out - she and Kate decided to watch with me. In the first scene, I said, "That's Willow. She's dating Tara and is a witch," but I guess she missed it, because she was very confused as to why they were in bed together. <.g> Speaking of which, I love how touchy feely they were - much more so than on WB. The whole show has a more adult bent to it now, like with the allusions to rape. They never would have been able to even suggest such a thing. Not that it's a good thing to suggest, or in anyway comperable to Willow and Tara's sweetness, but you get the point. <.g>

This is so disjointed, I'm sorry. LOL I cried when Xander realized that they'd left Buffy to claw her way out. I cried that she had to. I cried when Giles left, and he hugged everyone. Especially Xander. It made me sad that he blamed Buffy's death on himself. Dawnie sleeping next to the Bot made me cry. It was a tissue-worthy episode, and so powerfully written. I bow to Marti Noxon - I'm glad she's EP now.

I'm sure I'll have more to say Saturday night, after it really airs by me. <.g>

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