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Okay, last night turned out

Okay, last night turned out to be super fun. Things were a little quiet with Gen at first, I think because she wasn't sure I was me. <.giggle> (I was at an advantage because Kate had a pic of the two of them on her wall!) But by the time we were heading out to the Ghost Rally 20 minutes later, we were chatting away about Harry Potter, Buffy, fic and slash. <.g>

We all piled into Aarti's van - Aarti and Kate in the front, Meghan, Gen and I squooshed into the middle seat. We talked the whole way down to Aarti's about totally random stuff, sang along to the radio, since we have the same favorite songs, and it was cool. While in Aarti's town, I swear we saw SIX deer running by! I saw more deer last night than I have in years. It was so amazing and beautiful. The first time, there were four, and at least one was a baby! It was so cute.

So we FINALLY get to Aarti's. Her mom had planned to make us lasagna, but that didn't work out. <.g> So she made a traditional Indian dish, which turned out to be incredibly fabulous. I must must must eat this again. <.g> I'll have to ask Aarti for the recipes and post. One was, like, potatoes and garlic and spices, and the other was chick peas with something else, and you eat them by breaking bits off of a fried pita and scooping some up. Super yummy.

So then we put the backseat into the van, and drove off to get Aarti's friend Jenny. Then off to the Ghost Rally! It was hysterical - we got SOOOOO lost! LOL You follow the rhymed directions they give you and go places to write things down or pick things up. We missed the second clue, and I swear to God we drove around for an hour on gravel roads in the middle of forests. <.giggle> Then, when we were seriously giving up and just planning to go find another place, we FOUND THE DAMN ROAD we were supposed to be on! LOL It was such an accident, it was hysterical. So, we did it. All by ourselves, and over an hour late, but we DID it!

Then came the ending. Meghan and I are chickens. We very emphatically stated, when asked if we'd prefer doing haunted houses or the rally, that we'd never enter a haunted house, we'd stay in the car, there was no way in hell we'd get involved. I hate haunted houses with an extreme passion. I think it dates back to third grade - I went through my school's with dad and grandma. I was kinda scared, but nothing too big. Then something jumped out, my grandma fell down the stairs, and my dad sent me on to go get my mom and help while he stayed with grandma. So there was this tiny 8 year old, racing alone though a haunted house, crying because she was so scared to do it alone. Then, the next year, I got dragged to the one at my sister's school, complaining the whole way. Jim didn't care, said it would be fun, and we got started. He didn't realize that you did it in pairs. He was with little Dani. I was alone. Again. That cemented it. <.g>

So guess what the last bit of the rally was? Yes, that's right. A haunted house.

Meghan and I hung back, trying to avoid it. But that was not in the cards for me. I saw Kate grab Meghan's coat to drag her in, and then Gen reached for my hand. Gen is fearless, she is brave. (Anyone else have the CD-ROM version of Sheila Rae the Brave? That needs to be sung to Sheila Rae's theme. <.giggle>) So, Gen holds my hand and leads me through this. She's good at haunted houses - she told us of one time where she had to lead her friend through, pointing out all the things that looked likely to pop out and scare her. <.g> Basically, what she had to do last night. LOL We made an odd little train. Gen the Brave went first, holding my right hand while my left gripped her arm, Kate hanging on to my little hook thingie on my jacket, Aarti grabbing her sleeve, and there were two others in there - a little girl (who had been through before) and her mom. Her mom was pretty much hugging onto the back of Kate while the little girl was smooshed between them. <.giggle> It wasn't that bad, I guess. It was long, and there were parts when you couldn't see a thing, and parts when they shone a light in your eyes so you couldn't see, and there were strobe lights that were giving me a headache, and (public service announcement) I think they shouldn't use in case anyone has a seizure disorder. Warnings are nice, they had none. (/public service announcement) Then there were the times you had to crawl on the floor (a very interesting thing to try when holding hands with the person in front of you <.g>), and times when little kids jumped out at you. <.g> Gen said that she had moments were she was getting all maternal and felt like snapping, "Will you STOP it? You're scaring my friends!" LOL As for me, there were times when I didn't scream, but merely got annoyed and was like, "Oh, for heaven's SAKE!" <.g> Which isn't to say I didn't scream, because i did. A lot. <.g>

So did you notice our little train above? How it seemed to be, you know, MISSING two people? <.g> Meghan and Jenny ducked out at the start, right before we started crawling! How sucky is that? LOL There I was, yelling at Gen for always being the leader, since that meant I was right there, too, and Meghan was outside listening to us scream. No fair. LOL Oh, well. It was kinda fun. Won't do it again, but I don't completely regret doing it the first time.

So then we drove back here. There had been a chance we might stay at Aarti's overnight, which I wasn't thrilled with, but it didn't happen since Meghan had someplace to be kinda early today. So we came back here, Gen drew me a picure of Hermione while we giggled over the West Wing story I was reading, and then Kate and I started quizzing her on who was who in nsync. She, too, constantly messed up Chris and Joey, but she had it down by 3 am, which was way better than me. LOL Then we started listening to some of mine and Kate's favorite nsync songs ("You know, baby, our love...will always be true. That's right. [seductive chuckle] Because there is no me, without you.") Then she popped in her Japanese pop music CD (she loves anime, and has her own radio show of j-pop songs. Saturday mornings in Bloomington/Normal, IL if anyone is around there. <.g>) and made Kate and I listen to some of those. LOL It was actually pretty cool, I kinda liked them. <.g> She also showed me tons of pictures of her favorite anime character, who was a cutie pie.

So, 7 hours of sleep later (Yay!), I'm awake and ready to start work. I have to start my EPS exam due Thursday. I have to start studying Lang Dev. My Physiology quiz got pushed back to next week, but it can't hurt to start studying now. And that's it! Outside of Buffy at 7 (Gen and I are very excited to watch it together together, as opposed to online together), Game one in the World Series tonight (GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and On the Line at 9:30. <.giggle> Mucho fun, and I can't wait!

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