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Okay, so it was less

Okay, so it was less than a productive day. <.g> I did get my outline for my paper done, though. I kinda played with the prompt. It's about vocational education, Dewey's thoughts on it, Eliot's thoughts on it, and which is the dominant view today. Mom called again and we had a much better conversation, although she was still cranky, and I was criticizing voc ed. She was like, "Well, that's what they do with special ed." And I was, "Yes! Exactly! And I hate it!" So I turned the paper into a criticism of vocational education and special ed. Hey, it's totally Eliot's thoughts, what they do today. So it ties in. I hope. It's just about something that I feel strongly about. So hopefully I'll be able to write it this week. There's no class Tuesday, so I'll make sure I write that morning.

So what did I do when not writing my outline for 4 hours? Talked to Gen, of course. <.g> We're insane. LOL I also talked to mom and dad, and read Arabella's new stories, which are set at Christmas. In the first one, Ron and Hermione are stranded at Hagrid's in a blizzard, and part two is like a week later at the Yule Ball. They are SO much fun. To the point that I'm feeling all Christmassy and listening to my Charlie Brown Christmas CD. <.giggle> Well, Kate's listening to Mannheim Steam Roller's Christmas CD, so it could be worse. <.g> We're so bad - we've been listening to Chrismas CDs for a month now! But not constantly, so we're just easing ourselves into the holiday spirit. <.giggle>

Well, game two is finally on. D-backs up by one, but it's only the bottom of the fourth. The Yanks can totally make a come back. They have to. They have to win in New York on Thursday. That's only right. I have faith they can do it.

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