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So a toddler's first two

So a toddler's first two word utterances will demonstrate location and possesion. They also overextend until about 2;6 years, but are capable of metaphors. Hence pretend play. Boys use two words at about 24 months, girls at 18.

All over the world, parents use a sing songy voice. This demonstrates to the child that they are being spoken to, so they can tune out other conversations. Ee, ah, and ooh are the vowels that are most commonly drawn out by parents, as they are pleasing to the children. This happens in English (bead) and Russian (Bussi), for example.

Parents use a limited vocabulary wth kids. Midline generality (car, vs minivan or vehicle), diminuatives (bunny, tummy, Joey, Krissy), unique words (ga for cookie), etc. Simple sentences, repetitive, fewer broken sentences, only one clause.

Before age 1 - mom basically talking to herself. Sing songy voice, onomatopeic words like buzz and splat used often, child rarely responds. 12-18 months - mom talking to child, who listens and is influenced by the words. At 28 months, child responds to conversations. Parent adds in more commands and questions, but omits some unnecessary words (Spit it out leaves out "you", wanna go with me?")

MLU 1 - 1 year old. One word per utterance.
MLU 2 - 2 years old. Two words per utterance. Mommy sing. Doggie shoe. Daddy go.
MLU 2.5 - 2.5 years old. Doggie on car. Mommy's shoe.
MLU 3 - 3 years old. No new words, but complex sentences.
MLU 3.75 - 3.5 years old. Past tense, 3rd person singular, linking verbs.
MLU 4.5 - 4+ years old. Irregular 3rd person singular, contractable auxillary "be."

7 parts of a simple sentence emerge at 2-2.5 years and are mastered by 3-4. Subject, main verb, direct object, indirect object, compliment, adverv, auxillary verb.

Did you enjoy studying Language Development with me? Hope so, because it's sure to happen again before Thursday! Yay for only one chapter on the test!

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