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WE'RE IN!!!! Uncle Marty called

WE'RE IN!!!! Uncle Marty called mom about 2. The party is Wednesday night. We have VIP tickets, which means we get to go in about 2 or more hours early. Oh, my GOD, it's really going to happen!!!!!

We were at the mall for two hours, shopping. I SO love Lerners. I got this awesome dark dark grey knee length skirt with leather trim at the waist, knee, and around the slightly high slit, a little black dressy-type shirt with two buttons only, dangly rhinstone earrings and black tights. All for $50! Big sales. <.g> I so have to get my digicam up so I can take some pictures of my cute new outfit. <.giggle>

Okay, so my plans for today are to clean my room and look into loans for next semester. I don't think I'll go to Meghan's after all. I think I'll just hang out here and watch my new DVDs - Daddy mailed me Snow White and Fantasia 2000!!!!!

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