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Wow, we had such a

Wow, we had such a great day!!!! My little boy is so cool. <.g> Anyway, I now own my own nsync watch. <.giggle> So does Josh - I was demonstrating how it sang all of "Bye Bye Bye" and he decided he wanted a singing watch, too. LOL I also bought a copy of Nov's Teen People for Kate, with the big nsync interview. It was hysterical! They crack me up. I loved that they kept saying things that were so juicy and yet could not be printed in a teen magazine. <.g> So, yeah, I gave it to Kate, but rather unwillingly. At least it's near by if I ever want to look at Lance in leather again. LOL

So, as I promised Krissy, I'm going to the frat party with Kate tonight. Of course, I agreed before I found out that it starts at midnight, and really I have to study a LOT tomorrow. Whoops. Oh, well, it'll be fun still. I hope. <.g>

People came to check out our apartment today, and Kate said they spent a LOT of time in my room. It was at that point I realized I had my Lance wallpaper on the screen. <.groan> So what we're looking at is nsync, Snow White, Harry Potter and Buffy being my themes. <.wince> Yeah, a 20 year old lives here. Really.

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