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Wow, what an adventure today.

Wow, what an adventure today. <.g> I knew that we were supposed to have some storms today. When we emerged from the Union at 12:40 to get to Kuehn's class, I had an uneasy feeling. I did not want to be in class, but I let the feeling go. I had to be there today. We get to class, the wind's picking up, I'm still nervous. About five minutes in, we hear a high pitched whine, and I turn to Lauren, "Is that the tornado siren?" No, it was a lawn mower. But now I'm very nervous, as I realized my phone is at home charging. At the five minute half way break (1:45ish), I look for my radio and realize that it too is at home. I tell Lauren I want to leave, she's always game to leave early. But I remembered I didn't go last week because of my period and Lance, and I had to stay this week. So I stayed.

At about 2:07, there was another high pitched whine. We look at each other. We look at Kuehn. This one is the tornado siren. He's like, "Well, we should probably get away from the windows. We'll go to the basement, but don't leave because we'll have class after." We look at each other as we gather our stuff and snicker. So we head to the basement. The one day I don't have my phone, radio or flashlight! Because of course the power flickered several times. That's what happens when you're in Champaign and three tornados touch down in town. Very scary. So I guess someone had a radio, because they announced we could leave at 2:30. We glance at our watches and see that it's 2:29. The guy next to me remarks that he's sure to die in the one minute we should stay down there. <.g> But we leave, and head into the violent thunderstorm and strong winds that are now plaguing the town. I get about half way home, and who do I see? Damien!!

We stop and chat under a cement walkway for about ten minutes, catching up and not wanting to leave the shelter. <.g> It was great seeing him! Before this, I had been thinking I was an idiot to not follow my instincts and leave all those times I felt uncomfortable, but when I saw him, I knew there had to be a reason I stayed. So then we headed our separate ways and I came home to 5 frantic messages from my mother. <.g> I called, reassured her that I was alive, and all was well. The phone really wouldn't have done me much good anyway - I tried to use Meghan's to call her, but there was no signal. Would have been nice to have a radio, or be able to call mom to make sure there wasn't another tornado on the way, but I'm alive, so it all worked out well. <.g>

I'm still kinda stressed and wired from the experience, though, so I'm eating lunch (hummus and pitas, homemade pound cake, and spicy chex mix) and then I'll settle down to write. Geez, what an experience! LOL

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