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AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! This is what Joss

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! This is what Joss said was cut to make the episode fit into an hour, what I fear I'm seeing tomorrow:

The short version will air I think a week from fri -- it was hell to do, but we pulled out "If Were together" entirely, plus a verse from spike and a verse from "Walk through the fire". Plus a messload of dialogue, the overture and Dawn's Ballet. All gone. So tonight -- and the inevitable if very far off DVD are the real versions of the show. The rerun is kind of like highlights.
Hopefully it still plays as a dramatic piece though, not a hodgepodge

Which is the "If We're Together"?? Is that the part of what can't we defeat, at the beginning, after the theories? They can't cut that! That's vital! And how could they cut any of Spike?? And the Ballet?? I wanted to see that!! I don't want HIGHLIGHTS, I want my damn episode! Who taped it? Anyone? LOL

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