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I watched Blue's Clues this

I watched Blue's Clues this morning. <.giggle> Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper had a new baby boy that his big sister, Paprika, got to name. His name? Cinnamon. <.g> I do like that show. Plus, it was good that I watched - mom, Erin and I decided that we're going to drop Josh's signs. He does such approximations, and makes up others, and no one outside of his family and friends knows what he's saying! So we're going to go with universal gestures. And if you've ever seen Blue's Clues, you know that Steve is all about gestures. <.g> Some are signs, but most aren't. So I'm going to tell mom to watch a few episodes and make notes of what Steve does. I think it'll help!

So, what do I have to do today? Clean a little bit, work on Jill's stupid INAAC form, do at least my Stats lab, and start studying for Audiology. Pretty manageable. If I clean and do the lab this morning, it'll be even more manageable.

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