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Oh, good heavens! LOL Okay,

Oh, good heavens! LOL Okay, here's the thing. Nsync's next leg of the tour starts in April. Kate and I obviously plan to join the fanclub and get the club tickets for the Chicago concert, because those seats are almost always awesome. Plus, we've made plans to go see the Atlanta concert. (Bear in mind that no dates have been released. <.g> This is all conjencture.) Her friend knows the hotel where the guys always stay, and can get us a room on their secured floor. For, you know, $320 a night. But divivided by, like, 5 or 6 of us at least, and that won't be too bad. LOL But yeah. Concert tickets at maybe $80 each, that hotel room (which comes with free drinks and hor douves or HOWEVER you spell it, which is good, because we couldn't afford to eat/drink anything otherwise! LOL!), driving to Atlanta, the fanclub...Kate's estimating this at like $500 or something. I'm like, ACK!!!! Geez, I never spent that much in one year on something that I really loved, like Buffy or XF, let alone a music group! So I really really need to get a job, and financial aid next semester. I'm going to call a place about a secretary job tomorrow - I can fit some job time in this semester, I guess, but I know I can work a LOT next sem. Most days, class doesn't start until 1 or 3. On Fridays, I have a 9 or 10 am, but then free the rest of the day. So I think that I can pull 10-15 hours a week next semester, which would be greatly helpful.

$500...on Nysnc...I don't know if that's actually worth it. <.giggle> But it would be SO much fun to go on a road trip to Atlanta - see my new baby cousin, Issac Jared Tormey, born October 30, see my grandfather, see MA and the other Atlanta GBabes...and just have a road trip! Be a typical college student for once. I guess we'll see as it gets closer. : )

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