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Oh, wow. LOL This article

Oh, wow. LOL This article about Buffy and Spike having sex got posted to my Scullyfic list. Good heavens, that was the CUT version?! LOL I totally have to see the uncut version. <.giggle>

Dr. Kuehn is really loosening up in class these days. Monday's quote was about the cabinets. Today we had two...he was talking about how English is becoming the internation language, and ended with, "At the gain of communication, I suppose there is a loss in culture. Oh, well." We cracked UP! He was like, "Oh, dear. Oh, dear. I didn't intend to make light of it." <.g> Then, I was kinda spaced out for the first part of it, but about ten minutes later, he came out with, "You may not think it, but I'm here to tell you that an elephant and a squid have much to do with the production of speech!" I'm a little nervous to find out where that one came from. <.g>

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