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Okay, audiogalaxy doesn't seem to

Okay, audiogalaxy doesn't seem to like me anymore. But I discovered Kazaa which is awesome! I downloaded the nsync/Tim McGraw "Stand by Me/Fire and Rain/Lean on Me" medley that had Lance's solo (now to cut out the other songs to leave Lance's lovely Lean on Me), two Michelle Branch songs (Everywhere and Goodbye to You, which was on Buffy two weeks ago when Tara and Giles were leaving), and U2's Stuck in a Moment. Wheeeeee!!!!!!!

Okay now to read and help edit an...ahem...interesting part of my favorte nsync story, In Every Dream, which has FINALLY been posted!!!! Go read, people! And feedback her! Just don't be fooled by the notes on the main page. <.giggle>

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