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So I cleaned my room,

So I cleaned my room, ate dinner, and called mom. Made things much better. Mom called back around 7:50 or so, to tell me that she was really enjoying the episode, and had I seen it before? I explained how NO, this was a new episode, and she said she was sorry she didn't know that, or she would have called at 7 and propped the phone up against the TV for me to listen. <.g> So we stayed on the phone until ten after 8, with the phone close to the TV speakers and her describing what was happening. OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I seriously canNOT believe it. I had thought the music swelling in the finale song was romantic, but oh my GOD I had NO idea!!!!!!!! So happy happy excited! I bounced for a long time.

Which was bad, because Lauren and I were trying to study. <.g> I am so terrified about this test. I know some things now, more than I did. I really need to know more though. So I'm going to head off to study and try NOT to fall asleep. Wish me luck.

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