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Ugh, I did it. I

Ugh, I did it. I changed my gamma/brightness level thing. I was in Kate's room, looking at MTV's nysnc flip book, and we were admiring a slashy picture of Justin and Chris they had up. (Well, I was admiring, she was hitting me, upset that she saw the slashiness. LOL) So I went back into my room to save it, and it was so dark I could barely see anything. <.sigh> So I gave in and changed the default from 1.00 which it should be, to 1.42 which is much much brighter. I can see the pictures better, see a shadow of "Chasez" on the original picture that started this all, and am kinda getting used to the huge amount of glare everything has now. <.sigh> All the colors look so weird on everything, though, and I miss the blue my wallpaper words used to be in. But at least graphics are viewable now, right?

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