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Warning: This keyboard sucks. Josh

Warning: This keyboard sucks. Josh has spilled much into and onto it. Beware. LOL

Home's been okay so far! I love my brother so much. He is So cute! And he's so obssessed with his nysnc watch. <.giggle> He seriously carries it everywhere. He won't leave the house unless he has it with him, and he's constantly playing the song. He also already taught himself how to do the arm movements for Bye BYe Bye...I'm gonna snap a picture of it (8 left on the roll until Lance!) and if it comes out well, post it. <.giggle> He also learned how to press the buttons so he can hear the whole song, and, to my parents' delight, learned how to set the alarm. Which, BTW, plays the whole song through until you turn it off. My parents learned this because Josh has a habit of setting it to, like, 2 or 3 am. And if they don't take the watch away and unset it after he falls asleep, it will end up falling between the wall and bed. Josh sleeps right through the songs. Mom and Dad do not. LOL Tomorrow, we introduce Josh to his first CD...No Strings Attached, of course! Good thing the only song he knows, Bye BYe BYe, is the first one. LOL Oh, cute wallpaper that Kate just sent....Rolling Stone cover shots. I love that cHris was the only one to pick a color (purple, his favorite), and JC actually looks really nice. JOey's just plain adorable. LOL

We're gonna try and see HP tomorrow, instead of MOnsters Inc. Dad doesn't want to see HP, but does want to see MI, so we'll see that Thursday. Mom and I are a bit worried about how JOsh will handle the long, dark movie, but it's worth a shot, I guess. Can't wait to see it again. : )

Kinda watching XF, now. They mentioned Mulder, so at least they aren't completely ignoring his presence! COuld be worse.

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