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WHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I got a B

WHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I got a B on my last EPS exam!!! I'm so excited. Plus, I actually SPOKE in class today. Extendedly. And apparently it made sense, because the TA agreed and elaborated and got exactly what I said. <.giggle> Me being me, I was totally shaking as I talked, but I did it!

This new Alexis doesn't sigh very well. <.g> She's not that good of an actress, either, although she does look kinda like Nancy. Only less beautiful. I guess it's temporary, so only a few more days. And I'm going to be pretty lenient, given the circumstances. It's not like Nancy could give them warning that her father was going to pass away. : (

Oooh, Carly and Zander. I like. Although I still like my theory that they were brother and sister, too. So I can't in good faith go, "Oooh, how cute," until I completely rid myself of that theory. LOL This scene is REALLY helping in that manner. She's so cute and forceful with him. I could get behind them. And hey, Jax is flying a plane! Been years since we saw that. Is it too much to hope that he'll crash?

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