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Wow, HP is really starting

Wow, HP is really starting to get promoted in America now! Daniel Radcliffe will be on David Letterman Monday and TRL on Tuesday, while Emma Watson and Rupert Grint (they're being promoted together! ; )) are on the Today show. LOL Should be pretty fun.

I started working on a holiday design for over here last night. LOL I just have one question - can anyone teach me how to put a box around tables? Like the sidebar and main table, specifically? That would help greatly. <.g> I'm kinda excited - I didn't do a holiday design over here last year, even though I started blogging in December. Oh, but I realized that it would be hard to use last years c-r design again, even though I actually still have it saved, since I dropped AH from the main page and added in HP. Hmmmm. But maybe I can ignore that for a few weeks. LOL We'll see how my schedule goes, I guess!

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