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I am suddenly in the

I am suddenly in the holiday mood. LOL It's been a long time coming...my sites may be decorated, the apartment kinda was, but it never really got me. Suddenly, I'm got. LOL Sarah and Tony put up lights in the stairwells, which probably helped a lot. Then, Kate and I found really cool nsync wallpapers that has a band member looking out of a snowy decorated window. They're so beautiful...we each have a JC one up now. Her Lance one was horrendous, so I'm gonna try and make my own similar to hers but with a better Lance one. <.g> If I can't, well, JC's cute. So my computer looks much more holiday-ish now, which I love.

Oh, and stats? I love math. Math is beautiful. <.g> The first forty questions or so of the exam, I breezed through. The last thirty kinda went downhill from there, but I know I got a bunch of them right. Plus five extra credit points for doing all my notes. Very exciting!

Geez, compliment JC and my computer goes nuts...it played Up Against the Wall, followed by a JC centric song (featuring nysnc) called Give In To Me, then Buffy, and now it's playing JC's Now and Forever, from MMC. LOL

So, off to try and find a snowy window picture or make my own, and insert Lance. <.giggle> Tomorrow I have to do all my EPS notes and start Audiology, but tonight is just for me.

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