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I don't know why, but

I don't know why, but I've been totally remembering my dreams this week! First there was the Anya/Xander one. The next night, I dreamed about Jon and Austin...like Jon and I driving around as he told me the "real" story about Austin's birth and us just kinda hanging out together. Then last night it was nysnc, but Not. Like there was something about a Brooklyn orphanage and Joey was in charge of it. Then there was a Lance one that wasn't a happy one, and then there was one at a mental institution during "Gone." It was weird...I woke up several times last night remembering the dream, going, "What the HELL was that?" and falling back asleep into another bizarro one. I wish I could remember the "Lance" one...something about death, I think. That was the one where I was like, "Okay, not going back into that sucker." <.g> But it wasn't really them, just some things that made me think of them. <.shrug> I don't know. LOL

You know what today is? My LAST Anatomy class!!!!!! Of course, that means the final is on Monday, but you take what you can get, you know what I mean? Today, I really have to study for tomorrow's quiz...I feel extremely confident about lab 11, but I would be happier if I could FIND lab 12. LOL It's gotta be in a notebook somewhere. Hopefully Meghan will bring her copy and I can copy it during lunch and give it back to her.

Oh, gotta remember to download this song I heard this morning...by The Calling? Forgot the song title, oops. LOL And I think it's time to delete some of my nysnc MP3s...I don't need all of those clogging up my space! There are some songs I like, but are on CD, and I just go past them whenever they try and play, anyway.

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