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It's Christmas eve!! I can't

It's Christmas eve!! I can't believe it! I am thrilled that it snowed, though. It's so pretty out!! But it still doesn't feel like Christmas. Don't know why....I decorated the tree yesterday, wrapped mom's presents (doing dad's now), we have Christmas music playing through the speaker system in every room, and there's SNOW on the ground! But it still doesn't feel right.

Busy morning today...we drove to the city to drop off presents and soup at Grandma Esther's, Great-Grandma Calahan's, and then Grammy and Po. They told us that Po has been gaining weight on the 4000 calories a day and is back up to 118, but I don't believe it. He looks much skinnier than he did at his 110 in August. It's horrible. But we were laughing and joking, and they're coming out this weekend. He's still driving, we have no clue how. He's bringing a list of Elvis songs, and we're going to make a CD together for him. <.g> I think it'll be fun.

Okay....I put five CDs into my CD player two days ago. Christmas nsync, nsync from Kate, Nutcracker, 1940s Christmas, and Mannheim Steamroller Christmas. I set it to random. It's not very random. LOL My CD player loves nysnc! It's cracking me up. It'll play like five songs in a row off an nsync CD, and finally switch to a different one...the other nsync CD. So funny. <.g> See, here's Tearin' Up My Heart, after Falling and Everything I Own. Not very Christmassy, but amusing nonetheless.

Probably should start wrapping now. LOL

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